bird-friendly habitat in your own backyard!

Follow this guide written by the National Audubon Society to transform your yard into an bird-friendly (and ecosystem friendly) habitat.

the National Audubon Society has also put together a Native Plants Database. This database tells you what native plants grow in your area AND where you can buy them in person or, in some cases, online!

Start small and direct your efforts; focus on food, water, shelter, and nesting areas. Remove any invasive species and replace them with natives that birds will recognize.

Learn How to prevent window strikes at home

We’ve listed two links below that can help you “bird-proof” your windows. Also, if you see us at festivals, educational events, or stop by during our monthly meetings, we are now selling UV window clings!

All About Birds: why birds hit windows and how you can help prevent it
Bird Watcher’s Digest: things you can do to prevent window strikes

Articles suggested by our readers

Jake, the son of Jessica Bishop, recently joined his school’s Bird Watching Club. He has been practicing after school and has found a lot useful information using the “young birder backyard guide”. Thanks Jake!

Jamie Smith and her neighbor Lisa have been working to improve their gardens to attract more wildlife. In addition to the resources offered here, they used an article about flower fragrances from the “FragranceX Library”. Thanks for sharing Jamie!