The James Mason Award is awarded at our annual banquet dinner every Spring to an individual or group that has demonstrated a commitment to bird conservation and/or environmental education in Indiana, particularly in the Wabash Valley.

Have an idea for a nomination? Please email Morgan Chaney at

with a description of the individual/group being nominated.

Past winners of the award (and their affiliations) include:

1990 Jack Munsee, WVAS, ISU Life Sciences

1991 H. Samuel Phipps, Indiana DNR

1992 Keith Ruble, Vigo County Parks Dept.

1993 Terri Moore, Indiana Natural Resource Commission

1994 Marion Jackson, WVAS, ISU Life Sciences

1995 Paul Carmony, The Nature Conservancy

1996 Amy Mason, WVAS, Indiana Audubon Society, Indiana Garden Club

1997 James Gammon, DePauw University

1998 Marshall Parks, WVAS, ISU Life Sciences

1999 John Bacone, Indiana Dept of Natural Resources

2000 "Six from the Sixties", WVAS founders: Ruth Erickson, Betty Munsee, Ken & Pearl Eslinger, Henry & Margaret Tamar

2001 no award given

2002 Charles Keller, co-author of Birds of Indiana

2003 Alan Bruner, WVAS, Indiana Audubon Society

2004 Gene Muench, WVAS

2005 John Whitaker, ISU Center for NA Bat Research and Conservation

2006 James McDonald, Indiana landowner practicing conservation and stewardship of his land

2007 no award given

2008 TREES Inc., Terre Haute, Indiana

2009 Peter Scott, WVAS, ISU Biology

2010 Susie Dewey, WVAS

2011 Max Miller, Wabash Valley Riverscape

2012 Phil and Brenda Milliren, WVAS

2014 Joe Dickson, WVAS

2016 Ellen Lunsford & Amber Slaughterbeck, Wabashiki Turtle Research & Rescue team

2017 Mike Lunsford, retired english/history teacher and columnist for the Tribune Star

2018 Joy O'Keefe, ISU Center for NA Bat Research and Conservation